we offer two coaching options to fit your family's lifestyle.

In-Home Coaching

Although The Nurtured Heart Approach® is very easy to learn and very effective, in my experience it is also quite challenging to fully implement when a parent is first learning it. I am happy to announce that in-home coaching is available to help parents implement The Nurtured Heart Approach® to it’s fullest effectiveness! We can schedule in-home sessions for any time of the day. I suggest we choose the most challenging times (homework, bedtime, meal time, morning routine, transitions…) so I can personally coach you through the rough spots as challenging situations unfold. In-home coaching can help you take full advantange of the opportunities that present themselves to Nurture your child or teen toward making fabulous choices and reaching their full potential.

E-Mail Coaching for Busy Parents

Having a challenging child (or two) is difficult, but with today’s extrememly busy schedules for parents and children it can be almost impossible to find time to work with a professional to help make changes that you would like to make. A solution to this time-crunch problem is e-mail coaching! You e-mail me at your convenience with the situations you are encountering and we converse via e-mail to help you make the changes you wish to see in your child or family. You can send e-mails at any time of the day or night. My usual response time is no more than 24 hours (often less) with an outside time frame of 48 hours. Please e-mail me for further information! I look forward to hearing from you.   

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