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  • School behavior management and academic achievement
  • After school and at-home behavior and attitudes (early childhood through high school)
  • Court recidivism rates
  • Management of Autism, Asperger’s, Bipolar, ADHD, ADD, ED, ODD, conduct problems
  • Alternatives to medication
  • Adoption and foster care adjustment
  • Residential Treatment Center behavior management

I am a Professional Counselor (MA, LPC, LPA, ACT-NHA) who specializes in child/teen behavior problems and I know how to help you and your child.

The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA), created by Howard Glasser, MA and Jennifer Easley, M.A. was described by its creator as “a powerful approach that consistently produces extraordinary results with ADHD and other challenging behaviors. [It's] an approach that helps all children to flourish in remarkable ways.”

I am confident that we at Nurtured Heart Kids can help return most children/teens to the path of success very quickly! Your relationship and your child’s self-esteem can also be healed through this easy to learn, four step process.

Your child’s success is waiting, so let’s get started! 

Do you have a child or teen you want to help? Perhaps you’ve already tried lots of ways of helping them, but they are still struggling with ADHD, poor conduct, oppositional defiant disorder, or problems at school. Maybe they is a part of the judicial system.

Maybe nothing has worked before, but I’m here to give you great news!

My name is Erin Whitney, and I am excited to share with you a wonderful, easy to learn, positive approach that has the power to completely transform most children’s behavior almost immediately.

It is my pleasure to help others learn this approach that has been nothing less than miraculous with my own intense children! 

Specializing in child/teen behavioral problems.

Demonstrated Results in Areas Including: